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Eurocentres: Summer Destinations

Winter is now a far-away memory and you are bathing in the bliss of feeling the summer season move closer and closer. However, you still have no plans for your summer break. A language learning experience is just what the Doctor has ordered! Learning new languages does not only brighten the looks of your CV, it also fills life with new friends and memories of wonderful places and moments.

For those big-city-life lovers out there, we recommend the following destinations:


There is no time like summer to be in London. The quivering city is the ideal place for those who want to ace their English pronunciation  - and those who seek the chill-yet-lively rhythm of life. 

New York

Where else would you learn English and be in the most energetic city on Earth? Only in the Big Apple of course. The New York state of mind is waiting for you.


The capital of European Fashion and Art is always a pleasure to visit, but it is especially during summer. Take a stroll between the Parisian avenues and consolidate your French Skills!


If you are seeking a summer break that consists of quality AND endless fun, Madrid is the perfect city. Jump into an intercultural experience made of festivals and laughter!

And for the beach-vibes dreamers we can only propose the following beauties:


Brighton has everything you need: the language school your CV needs and the beach sessions your heart needs! Especially for those who love a Northern breeze, Brighton has it all!

San Diego

US-lovers, you are needed! Always wanted a language learning experience in the hot climate of San Diego? Learn more about our school and begin your experience with us!

Msida, Malta

Nowhere else you will be able to spend your summer working on your English skills by the Mediterranean in Europe! Check out our new school and dive into the Eurocentres experience!


Barceloneta – 7 kilometers of beach and palms are waiting for you! Learn Spanish right by the beach and enjoy Barca’s beautifully tumultuous life!

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Gap Year
Should your heart just not be able to settle for one destination, how about planning a gap year at more than one destination? Contact our team at and get your information on how to plan the year of your life!