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Discover a collection of high quality language schools around the world. Enjoy effective courses, expert counselling and superb rates, guaranteed.


The innovative EUROCENTRES SUCCESS SYSTEM has been developed over the last 70 years. Our longstanding experience has shown that the greatest learning progress is made when students are individually supported and are aware of their strengths and weaknesses at all times.The EUROCENTRES SUCCESS SYSTEM is based on personalisation and specialisation:


To better understand your language learning goals and the necessary steps needed to achieve them, we thoroughly assess your language competence before and during the language course:

  • Language test and personal interview on arrival
  • Weekly review tests and monthly progress tests

Clear Learning Goals and Feedback
Bi-weekly one-to-one tutorials ensure that chosen tasks help you to achieve your learning goals. In addition, we regularly collect your feedback about how you feel about your language course.

  • Detailed individual feedback after each assessment/test
  • Questionnaire after the first week
  • Detailed questionnaire at the end of your language course

Final certificate
A final certificate with an accurate description of your language competence using the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) is received by all students with over 80% attendance. The certificate is widely recognized by both employers and educational institutes.


Eurocentres offers a course structure that allows you to put together a language course exactly as you need it. You can just follow our morning course (Basic 20), focusing on improving general language proficiency (grammar, vocabulary, writing, speaking) and explore the city in the afternoon.

Or, if you prefer, you can also take specialised afternoon lessons (Intensive 25 or Super Intensive 30) which allow you to prepare for an exam, study business English or simply deepen your competence in English communication.