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DELF A2 – achieving fluency in French

With a DELF A2 – Diplôme d’études en langue française level A2 – you are a distinguished member of French-speaking society. You have already learnt French for two to four study years, and now want to polish your skills in our exam preparation course, ready to take the test. Four wonderful cities – Lausanne, Paris, La Rochelle or Amboise – await your selection. Depending on whether you are the hip city type or prefer an idyllic, peaceful small town, you can chose between a pulsating lifestyle or leisurely tranquillity after the lessons. However, you probably won’t have much time after the intensive oral and written training. Your aim, after all, is to collect your diploma, n’est ce pas?

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But with the diploma in sight, learning is much more fun. With a maximum of 14 fellow students, our experienced teachers will help you to train your language skills in speaking, writing, pronunciation and vocabulary in the morning classes. Examination preparation is specifically targeted in the afternoons. Advanced language skills mean that you can express yourself politely and carry out a conversation at a medium level. In the DELF A2 examination, among other things, you prepare a report and an informal letter, and discuss a text with the examiner. Officially approved by the French Ministry of Education and an internationally recognised diploma, the DELF A2 proves it: you can converse in advanced French. Employers and educational institutions all over the world value this.

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Entry Level:
General language training in morning classes, preparation for DELF in afternoon classes
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