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California Dreaming - For Real

Would you like to study English abroad, let’s say, where summer does not end and a vast range of social activities are at your disposal? Where sunshine, beach vibes and the Pacific join forces in a unique way? Where the movie stars stroll down the most famous shopping lanes and the night life is roaring and alive? The sunshine state of California is the perfect place for you.

Work on your English skills in Cali!

Los Angeles

Why City of the Angels, you ask? For, if the angels in heaven had the chance to choose a place on earth, they would definitely pick this city. LA has everything you need.

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San Diego

San Diego is perfect for spontaneous trips over the border and into the festivities of the Mexican land. Nonetheless, even when “stuck” in the city, San Diego offers a crazy variety of leisurely activities and entertainment.

Want to know more about San Diego and our school? Click here

Santa Barbara

All good things go by three, and Santa Barbara proves it.  This third destination is the others' laid back, older sister, who enjoys the sunsets by the beach and sips cold drinks from a rooftop bar.

Want to know about Santa Barbara and our school? Click here

In other words: California is the place you need to be if you want to learn English and enjoy life!

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