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DELF A1 – tests basic competence in French

The Diplôme d’études en langue française – in short, DELF A1 – could be the start of your French career and possibly your love affair with the most elegant of all languages. The examination course will help you prepare to excel in the DELF A1 test. This diploma, which is approved by the French Ministry of Education, is available in six grades from A1 to C2. Each grade corresponds with the appropriate Common European Framework level. Start intensive coaching for your French skills at one of our schools in Lausanne, Paris or Amboise, and get the best preparation for the DELF A1 examination. With our support, it will be an easy start. So, off you go on the road to your first French language diploma!

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A language diploma such as the DELF A1 shows employers and educational institutions all over the world that you can express yourself orally and in writing in the French language. “Parlez-vous français?” – as a DELF A1 graduate, this question won't throw you off track. With the first of these popular language diplomas, you have proof that you can communicate on a normal, day-to-day basis. You can carry out a simple conversation, book a hotel room or order in a restaurant. In short, you manage to get along in a French-speaking environment. And, as an added benefit, your holiday will be even more fun when you are familiar with the native language. It will help you to get to know the country and its people better – and maybe find unexpectedly interesting local stories.

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General language training in morning classes, preparation for DELF in afternoon classes
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