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Terms and Conditions

Contest “We’re a Team” - UK

What: This contest consists of shooting a video with the topic “We are a team”. Form a group of max. 5 participants with students from your same class and choose a topic. It can be anything, e.g. flashmobs, singing etc., as long as it shows that you are indeed a team.

Who can participate: Eurocentres students from UK (London Central, London Greenwich Eltham, Cambridge, Brighton, Bournemouth) and France (Paris, La Rochelle, Amboise). All participants need to have signed a photo/video consent. Contest will be done separately for UK and FR.

Prize: Every student from the winning group will win a voucher to buy an iPad 9.7” 32GB.

Procedure: The class teacher must submit a list of all groups and group members (full name) to cbisanti [at] eurocentres [dot] com so we can keep track of all participants (latest Deadline: Friday, June 29th, 5pm).

Start: Groups can start working on their videos on Monday, June 18th.

How to: The participants are at liberty to use their own smartphone to film the video. However, should the students not possess such a phone, they can ask the teacher for a filming device.

Duration of video: 30-90 seconds

Submission of video: Until latest Friday, June 29th 2018, 5pm. How can you submit your video? Once you have finalized your video, upload it on either Youtube or Vimeo. Note that the platforms might remove your video if you utilize music that breaches the rights of the country you find yourself in, so check that in advance. As soon as you have uploaded your video on either one of the platforms, copy the link and insert it in the submission form on our platform Strutta. Continue to fill in the submission form with all the required data, e.g. e-mail address and title of your video. Submit the form and your entry will be accepted by the system, after which it will automatically enter the voting phase. 

Starting from June 18th you will be able to submit your link here.

Voting: Voting takes place between June 18th – July 15th 2018. The video with the most votes wins. That means that you will need to collect as many votes as possible. In order to do that, you must share your entry (which will appear in the gallery of our platform Strutta) on your social media accounts. You can do that by clicking on the social media icons below your entry on Strutta.  People who see your post and want to vote will be redirected to Strutta. There they will be able to vote. Voters need to have a Facebook account to be able to vote (for authentication purposes) and can only cast one vote for the entirety of the contest. 

Winner: The video with the most votes wins the contest. One group per country wins, hence we will have a winning group for France and a winning group for UK.

Announcement of winning team: On the day after voting ends (July 16th 2018 ), participants can check the platform for the video with the most votes, which is the winner of the contest. There will be no official declaration. However, the winners will then be contacted by the schools to sort the details of the prize.  

In case of questions: The French schools may contact dcrevelle-busson [at] eurocentres [dot] com (Ms. Crevelle) and the UK schools ESoljic [at] eurocentres [dot] com (Ms. Soljic).


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