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Working Abroad? Your Need to Know Essentials!

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Working in another country can be an amazing adventure to remember for a lifetime.

You’ll meet all kinds of people, find yourself in situations you might never have dreamed of back home, and come away richer and more knowledgeable about the world.

But before you grab your passport and pick an exciting destination to head to, make sure you prepare for the experience first. Knowing what to expect will make it much more enjoyable!

What skills can you bring?

If you’re planning to work overseas then one of the most obvious questions to ask yourself is what job can you do there?

You might be looking for a temporary job to fund you during your travels, or you may be searching for something to help you advance yourself on the career ladder. Both options are wide open to you.

The most important thing to consider is what skills you have, and how valuable they are in your destination of choice. Having specific technical or scientific skills, for instance, may be extremely helpful in getting the job of your dreams in a country where these are in short supply.

Or if you’re adept at communicating with people, have a good grasp of the local language and a confident personality, then working in a service-oriented role might be great fun!

How much will you earn?

Travelling the world is a great adventure – but you have to get real sometimes and make sure the numbers add up.

When you’re planning to work in another country, it’s especially important to check out the cost of living and how much you can expect to earn – as you could find yourself in a particularly tight spot if you’ve miscalculated.

Do your research well in advance. Look up the kinds of roles you are interested in getting, and how much you can expect to make with them. Then check out the cost of living – how much will accommodation cost you? Will you need to travel extensively – and how affordable is this? What about food, nightlife, medical treatment and any other costs?

The last thing you want is a nasty financial surprise, so getting as much information as possible before you leave will make sure that you are well prepared.

Soak up the culture – before you go

There’s an inevitable sense of culture shock when you leave to work in another country. Even the subtlest and smallest of details can feel alien and strange, when you are living and working 24/7 in a foreign world.

So it really helps to do your research on the country’s culture before you go there. Find out if there are any cultural restrictions or expectations that you might need to adhere to – such as dress code, language, even what to do when you eat out!

But most of all, go with an open mind and a willingness to embrace new experiences, make the odd mistake and have a lot of fun! After all, working in a different country is a really memorable opportunity – make sure you really do get the most out of it!