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4 Words that Native English Speakers Get Wrong ALL the Time

Image representing a student learning about the 4 Words that Native English speakers get wrong ALL the time

Okay, okay, I know I always say that the best way to learn English is to chat to native speakers as much as you can – and that’s still true! However, it’s important to remember that people sometimes make mistakes even when they’re speaking their own language and, if you don’t learn the rules for …

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Wanna Improve Your Fluency? Use Reductions!

Image representing students learning how to use reductions

  What’s the biggest difference between a native speaker and an advanced level speaker of English? Often, the advanced level student uses better grammar when they speak. Of course, no one wants to make embarrassing mistakes, or to make it more difficult for the other person to understand them. You shouldn’t be lazy about mastering …

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Why Reading in English Isn’t Enough to Make You Fluent

Image representing two people learning about what the boss says in English and what they really mean

Why are you learning English? Is it specifically so that you can read a newspaper in Canada? Or Harry Potter in the original language? Or to pick through a financial report from Australia? Probably not. Of course, it’s possible that you have a very specific reason that you are only learning to read English, or …

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Working Abroad? Your Need to Know Essentials!

Image representing overseas work

Working in another country can be an amazing adventure to remember for a lifetime. You’ll meet all kinds of people, find yourself in situations you might never have dreamed of back home, and come away richer and more knowledgeable about the world. But before you grab your passport and pick an exciting destination to head …

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4 Reasons Why You Should Work Abroad!

Image representing how to make business small talk in English

Not sure what all the fuss is about working in another country? Can’t you just go on a holiday if you want to travel? Well, in fact living and working in a different place can have some really amazing benefits. You could expand your horizons, have some unforgettable life experiences and gain some great skills …

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Study in Excellence! Why Eurocentres’ Schools Have Been Picked As One of the Best Places to Learn a Language

When you’re planning to study a language – you want to make sure that you’ll be getting the best chance possible to learn as well as you can. And when you’re planning to do that study in another country, well – you really want to maximise your potential, right? So we’re really excited and pleased …

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Planning to Work Abroad? Here’s What You Should Expect

Working overseas can be a pretty amazing and life changing adventure, that will leave you with memories for a lifetime. Not to mention – it could completely transform your career path! But there are some really important things you should know about working in a different country, before you set off. Read on and discover …

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How Working Abroad Can Boost Your Career

Image representing finding a perfect place to live and work

Thinking of spending some time working in another country? It can be a dream come true for many of us – especially if you love to travel, explore new places and discover unfamiliar cultures! But for some people, the thought of spending an extended period of time away from ‘regular’ life leaves them a little …

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The Pros and Cons of Working Overseas

Maybe you’ve been bitten by wanderlust and want to explore the world. Maybe you want to expand your skills and talents. Or maybe you just want to try out something completely different. Whatever your reasons are, you’ve got the bug to step beyond your comfort zone, and make the big step of working overseas. Before …

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Free English Lesson! 4 Common Clothing Idioms

Image representing students taking the FCE exam

In the English language, idioms can come from the strangest of places. This time, we’re looking at clothing-related idioms, to help you use English naturally and easily. 1.At the drop of a hat This is used to describe doing something suddenly, without any prior planning or warning. E.g. “He changed his mind about his travel …

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