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4 Words that Native English Speakers Get Wrong ALL the Time

Image representing a student learning about the 4 Words that Native English speakers get wrong ALL the time

Okay, okay, I know I always say that the best way to learn English is to chat to native speakers as much as you can – and that’s still true! However, it’s important to remember that people sometimes make mistakes even when they’re speaking their own language and, if you don’t learn the rules for …

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This is Why English Pronunciation is So Hard

Image representing students learning why English pronunciation is so hard

Let’s be honest, English pronunciation makes no sense. Unlike most other languages, where words that end in the same way usually rhyme, in English you can change the first letter of a word and suddenly you have to change the way you say the rest, too. Meanwhile, words that look completely different are sometimes pronounced …

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6 New Words in English – And How to Use Them

Image representing students learning how to use new words in English

English is a language that’s changing all the time. This happens for lots of reasons: people invent words and phrases to explain brand new ideas and technologies, the names of celebrities or characters in books and films turn into adjectives, and sometimes jokes, slang words, abbreviations or even brand names get used so often they …

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10 Fun Facts About the English Language

Image representing students learning about fun facts about the English language

  English is a strange language, don’t you think? So many of the rules and spellings don’t seem logical, it borrows words from all different languages, and so many words just aren’t pronounced the way you would expect. We understand your frustration. But as annoying as the English language can be, it’s also an extremely …

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How Did Trump Become President? A Quick Guide to the US Political System

Image representing New York

Wherever you live in the world and no matter what language you speak, I’m sure you’ve seen news coverage of the latest US Presidential Election. Donald Trump, a famous businessman and reality TV star, has just become the country’s 45th president. While Trump has a lot of very enthusiastic supporters who really like him, a …

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4 Free Apps to Improve Your English Learning in 2017

Image representing students learning about free apps to improve English learning

These days, there are no excuses for not improving your English a little bit every day. That’s because you don’t have to wait until you’re in a classroom or at your desk with a big pile of textbooks to practise your language skills. There are hundreds of great English learning apps that you can download …

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The Friendliest Cities in the World for Learning English

Image representing the friendliest cities in the world to learn English

To learn any language fluently, you need to TALK to people, right? Of course! But depending on the city you live in, this can be very easy – or kind of hard. Some of the most amazing cities in the English-speaking world are not exactly famous for being friendly. In fact, cities like London and …

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The Hardest Words to Pronounce for English Learners

Image representing two people learning about what the boss says in English and what they really mean

  The English language isn’t always logical and many words don’t sound the way the spelling suggests they should. Here are some of the trickiest words for non-native speakers to pronounce: Successful What it Means: If you say that a person is successful, it means that they have achieved great/impressive things, or they have done …

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6 Tips for Learning English from TV and Movies

Image representing students learning English

  Watching English language films/movies and television programmes is an excellent way to practise your listening skills and pick up new words and phrases. It means you can expose yourself to different accents and ways of speaking, without having to travel to dozens of countries. Plus, it helps to build your understanding of other cultures …

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When to Use ‘In’ ‘Under’ and ‘On’

Image representing students learning when to use 'In' 'Under' and 'On'

Prepositions can be very confusing. Why do English-speaking people say that they are “in the car” but “on the train”? Why do we distinguish between being “in time” (I.e. We’ll arrive before it’s too late) on “on time” (I.e. We’ll arrive exactly when we’re supposed to)? Why do we say that we are “in control” …

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