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Top Tips for Passing Your US Visa Interview

Image representing two people learning about what the boss says in English and what they really mean

If you are planning to travel to the US to study or simply to visit as a tourist, you may be asked to attend an interview in your home country first. The point of the interview is for American officials to make sure that you’re really coming to the country for the reasons you say …

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Other Ways to Say “I Understand”

Image representing students learning other ways to say "I Understand"

There are many different reasons why you might need to tell someone that you understand what they are saying. Perhaps you want to make it clear that you understand the literal meaning of what they have said, for example, when you ask a teacher to explain what a new word means, or when you ask …

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You Can’t Spend Summer in Britain Without Experiencing These 9 Things

Image representing spending summer in Britain

The UK is famous for having terrible weather, so when the sun comes out – even for a few days – everyone gets very excited! If you’re currently living in the UK, or you’re visiting Britain this summer, here are nine traditions and habits that you are guaranteed to see for yourself. 1. Barbeques (BBQs) …

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A Quick Guide to Making Small Talk in English

Image representing students learning how to make small talk in English

What is Small Talk? “Small talk” means conversation that you have about simple, basic topics. It’s something you do to be friendly or polite when you need to “break the ice” (find a way to start talking to someone), or when you don’t know someone well enough to ask more personal questions / tell which …

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What Does “April Fools’ Day” Mean?

Image representing students learning about what April Fools' Day means

Have you seen any news stories in the last few days that seemed a bit strange? Perhaps your English-speaking friends were in an unusually childish mood on Saturday morning? That’s because, for people in the UK, Northern Europe, India, and many English speaking countries around the world, April 1st is “April Fools’ Day”, also called …

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Want to Improve Your Conversational English Faster? Ask More Questions!

Image representing students learning how to improve their conversational English faster by asking more questions

In his famous book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie points out that there is one very simple way to get people to like you and enjoy talking to you: ask them lots of questions about themselves. Everybody wants to feel like they are interesting enough for other people to listen to, …

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Tips for Starting and Ending Your Emails

Image representing students learning about tips for starting and ending emails

Trying to get just the right tone in an email can be confusing. Most of the time, emails are less formal than letters, but more formal than texts or Facebook messages. Depending on whether you’re talking to a friend, a teacher or colleague, or someone you’ve never met, you will need to adapt the way …

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Your Guide to Being Polite in Difficult Situations: Part Two

Image representing students learning how to improve concentration

In the first part of this blog post, we talked about why it’s important to use diplomatic language and how to use modal verbs to sound politer when dealing with difficult situations. Today, we’re going to look at some other ways to soften your language. Let’s start with situations where you need to tell someone …

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What British People REALLY Eat

Image representing what British people eat

  British food has a terrible reputation around the world. People often think it is either boring, or greasy and unhealthy. In the past, this was probably true. Many British people would only eat things like toast or cereal for breakfast, a plain cheese or ham sandwich for lunch and meat with two types of …

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How to Agree With Someone

Image representing what British people eat

Do you ever feel unsure of how to show that you agree with what someone is saying? After all, it’s not always enough (or appropriate) to simply say “yes”. There are many occasions where you need to show how strongly you agree with someone, or explain why. In English, there are many different words and …

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