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The Number One Secret to Sounding Like a Native Speaker

Image representing students learning about the science behind learning a language faster

What separates someone who is learning a language from someone who is fluent? It’s simple: understanding how to use idioms. Every language has its own unique “flavour” – the words, jokes and turns of phrase that no one else uses and that can’t really be translated into any other language. These quirks also play a …

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Free English Lesson: 4 Useful Animal Idioms!

Image representing students learning about free apps to improve English learning

In the English language, idioms can come from the most unexpected subjects. Animal idioms are used to express a variety of feelings – get an idea of some of the most common ones below. 1. Like a fish out of water This is used to describe a situation where you feel out of place or …

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Free English Lesson! 5 Common ‘Food’ Idioms You Simply Need to Know:

Image representing students talking about the use of abbreviations

We’ve decided to give you some free little taster English lessons, because we’re just so darn generous! And one of the most difficult things about learning English is understanding the crazy idiomatic phrases we all use. If you don’t know them, it can be almost impossible to work out what the hell someone is talking …

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