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5 Victorian Slang Words We Wish Existed in Modern English

Image representing students learning Victorian slang words

English is a very old language that has changed a huge amount over the centuries. In particular, English speakers have always been very creative about inventing and using humorous slang. But while we still have many fascinating or hilarious slang terms, the true “golden era” of English slang must have been Victorian London. During the …

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Wanna Improve Your Fluency? Use Reductions!

Image representing students learning how to use reductions

  What’s the biggest difference between a native speaker and an advanced level speaker of English? Often, the advanced level student uses better grammar when they speak. Of course, no one wants to make embarrassing mistakes, or to make it more difficult for the other person to understand them. You shouldn’t be lazy about mastering …

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A Quick Guide to Slang in the UK and America

Image representing spending summer in Britain

What’s the difference between UK English and US English? Well, some words that are spelt differently but pronounced the same (e.g. colour/color, aesthetic/esthetic), some that are spelt the same but are pronounced differently (e.g. vitamin, oregano, yoghurt), and a few that mean different things entirely (e.g. pants). But apart from these examples, “proper” English spoken …

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Free English Lesson: 4 More UK Slang Words You Really Should Know!

Image representing autumn

Slang is very common in the UK. And if you don’t know the words, you can have a lot of trouble understanding people in your day-to-day life. So here are 5 more UK slang words to add to your vocabulary! 1. Doddle Doddle is a noun that you use to describe something that is or …

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Free English Lesson: Common US Slang That You’re Sure to Hear!

Image representing overseas work

Want to make yourself feel more at home when you visit the US? Of course, you’ll want to take the chance to practice all the English you’ve been learning, but a little bit of slang will help too! Check out some of these common slang phrases that you might hear in the US, to help …

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