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How to Use Complicated Sentences Without Getting in a Mess

Image representing students learning how to make small talk in English

  As you become better and better at English, you will probably want to describe more complicated ideas and tell stories with more detail. Using very short, simple sentences in your writing doesn’t always flow or feel natural. At the same time, trying to move between different ideas in the same sentence, as you would …

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How to Pronounce “The”

Image representing a student learning how to pronounce "the"

“The” is probably the word you will use the most of any in the English language. After all I used it four times in the first sentence! But you might have noticed that English speakers don’t always pronounce it in completely the same way. Don’t worry if you’re confused about this. In fact, there are …

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How and When to Use Formal and Informal English

Image representing students learning how and when to use formal and informal English

Working out when to use formal language and when to be informal is a big part of mastering a language. In English, formal language is used in situations that are more serious, for example when you’re in a job interview or emailing your university professor. It can also be used when you’re speaking to someone …

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How Do You Use Determiners and Quantifiers?

Image representing students learning what an oxymoron is

Determiners and quantifiers might sound like complex things – but chances are, you’re probably already using them without realising it! They’re both specific pieces of grammar that give us more information about the noun in a sentence. Let’s take a closer look at what they are – and how you can use them! What is …

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Using Compound Nouns

Image representing students learning about fun facts about the English language

Compound nouns are a really common part of the English language. Whether you’re planning to work in an English-speaking country or just visiting, you’re bound to come across them. To help you understand them, take a look at what they are – and how to use them! What are compound nouns? Compounds are nouns just …

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The Truth about Learning English at Eurocentres!

Image representing students learning about the science behind learning a language faster

I’m sure you’ll agree that the best way to discover the truth about an English language school is by asking one of the students. So that’s exactly what we did. To make your life easier, we sat down with one of our current Eurocentres (London Central) students and asked him a bunch of questions. And …

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