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Free English Lesson: Some of the Most Used Idioms in English!

Image representing students learning how to make sentences much more interesting

Idioms are important to know, because we English-speakers use them all the time. So even if you feel a little strange using them yourself, knowing them will give you a much better level of understanding. Here are some of the most common ones: 1.  To ‘kill two birds with one stone’ This means ‘to do …

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Free English Lesson: 4 Common ‘Body Idioms’ You Just Need to Know!

Idioms are used in all sorts of ways in the English language, and can make the most boring state a lot more interesting! The following idioms take their inspiration from different parts of the human body – while they might sound surprising, they’re worth practicing!  1. All ears Are you “all ears”? It’s not a …

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