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7 Bizarre Christmas Traditions from Around the World

Image representing bizarre Christmas traditions from around the world

Christmas is a BIG deal in almost all of the English-speaking world, and many popular traditions are more or less the same, wherever you are. For example, eating a huge Christmas dinner with roast turkey and vegetables, followed by Christmas Pudding covered in brandy and set on fire. Or giving presents to your loved ones …

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10 of the Best Christmas Songs of All Time (and Why We Love Them)

Image representing students learning about the best Christmas songs of all time

It might be nearly a month until Christmas – and December hasn’t even started yet – but in the UK, the USA and many other English-speaking countries, radio stations are already overloaded with Christmas-themed pop songs! Here in the UK, we LOVE our Christmas songs. Sometimes it’s because they are happy tunes that remind us …

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Christmas Traditions Around the World

Image representing Christmas traditions being celebrated around the world

As Slade sing at the start of Merry Christmas Everyone: “It’s Chriiiiiiiiistmas!” In more than 160 countries around the world, people are starting to prepare for this popular holiday. But how you celebrate depends on where you live. If your country officially celebrates Christmas, that might mean putting up Christmas wreaths, branches of holly and …

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What Exactly Is the Holiday Season?

Image representing students learning what exactly is the holiday season.

You may have heard people, companies or advertisers talk about the “holiday season”. For example, “are you going home this holiday season?” or “Save money this holiday season with a discount card from our store!” If so, you might be wondering exactly what “holiday season” means. Don’t people take vacations all year round? And aren’t …

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Festive Fun – Add These Holiday Phrases to Your Vocabulary!

It’s the holiday season – which means there’s lots of excitement in the air about Christmas and the New Year. And to join in with the festive spirit, there’s no better time to add some essential festive-themed vocabulary. So read on to discover some very Christmassy words and phrases that you can use!  Some phrases …

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Here’s what to look forward to at Christmas in England

Image representing spending summer in Britain

Planning to visit England at Christmas time? Or do you just feel a little curious about how the festive season is celebrated compared to the rest of the world? While England shares a lot of Christmas traditions with other parts of the world, it also definitely has plenty of its own unique pleasures and quirks! …

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Feeling festive? Ready for Crimbo? Some common vocabulary to get you in the Christmas spirit!

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to brush up on some festive-themed vocabulary! So whether you’re planning to celebrate Christmas in the UK or want to share it with your English-speaking friends, you’ll have just the right word at hand for the occasion. Decorations Christmas tree  – this is a real …

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