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Stop Making These Mistakes Before Your FCE Exam!

Image representing a student learning how to sound more interesting in English

Preparing for your FCE exam can be a bit challenging – but you can make it easier on yourself if you cut out some of those really annoying mistakes that get in your way!

So if any of the following sound a bit familiar to you – pay attention to them the next time you catch yourself making them.

You’ll find that your exam goes a lot smoother and easier!

  1. Read the question!

One of the biggest pitfalls students face when taking any exam?

Not reading the question. This sometimes leads to not understanding what to do properly, or answering questions incorrectly!

It’s worth taking a few minutes at the start to read through everything carefully – that way you can approach the exam feeling a lot more calm and prepared.

  1. Do what you are supposed to do

Following on from number 1 – a surprising number of students don’t actually do what the question is asking them to do!

Not only might you end up creating more work for yourself – you could answer incorrectly, losing precious marks! Another common reason is that students try to answer the question they prepared for – not the actual one being asked.

That doesn’t help – even if the actual question is harder than what you had hoped to see on the exam, you should always try your best to answer it as it is – and not pretend it is something else.

  1. Keep an eye on the time

Making sure you have good time management during your exam will make things a whole lot easier! It’s always important to keep an eye on the time, and make sure you leave enough for each question.

Otherwise you’ll end up spending too long at the beginning, and find yourself rushing through the end!

To allocate time properly, look ahead and try to work out how much time you’ll need for each section. Then stick to your plan!

  1. Don’t daydream or dawdle

It’s easier than you think to waste time simply daydreaming away! You might find yourself wondering about how the other students are coping, or even thinking about what you’ll be doing after the exam.

Stay focused! The exam is not that long, so you want to make the most of your time – and do the best you can!

  1. Come prepared

Another big mistake before exams is not to come prepared.

It can leave you feeling stressed and anxious before the exam has even started. So why not make things easier on yourself, and make sure you have everything ready the night before?

Pack the essential items that you’ll need, and keep spare pens and pencils, just in case.

  1. Come on time!

Lastly – do you know where to go – and when you need to be there?

There’s nothing worse than turning up late, or getting lost on the way! Checking out the practical details of your exam before the big day means that you can turn up feeling a lot more relaxed and confident – and perform much better overall.