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Planning to Work Abroad? Here’s What You Should Expect

Working overseas can be a pretty amazing and life changing adventure, that will leave you with memories for a lifetime. Not to mention – it could completely transform your career path!

But there are some really important things you should know about working in a different country, before you set off. Read on and discover more about four of the things that you can expect when you’re working overseas:

  1. You’ll have to make new friends

Living and working in a different country can be a little intimidating and strange. Whether you’re a social butterfly or a little more reserved, it’s natural and completely expected to find yourself feeling a bit lonely in your first few weeks.

But the change of environment and new job is also a great opportunity for you to try out new things, and make more friends!

Get to know the local area by joining groups or classes. Find out more about your work colleagues or local neighbours and expand your horizons!

  1. Get used to a different culture

Wherever you go in the world, you can expect to find a bit of a cultural difference – whether it’s simply using a different language, or wider differences in the way people live and do things.

The important part of dealing with a different culture is remember not to expect everyone around you to be familiar with your own cultural sensitivities and background – so they may say and do things in a way that is quite a surprise to you!

For example, some countries may have expectations on how to behave with employers, dress codes and timing – which might be radically different to the way you are used to doing things. It will take some time for you to adjust to the differences, but be patient and you’ll get used to it soon!

  1. Your skills might not be seen in the same way

Growing up and studying in a different country, you’ll be used to viewing job roles and certain skills in a certain way. Your skills might be quite common and ordinary back home – but in another part of the world, they could be seen as something quite unique and extraordinary!

This can be a great opportunity for you when you’re working overseas, and it’s worthwhile doing your research beforehand, to see what skills are in greatest demand.

  1. You’ll meet all kinds of unexpected people

Be open to experiencing everything on offer when you head overseas! You’ll get to meet all kinds of unusual people that you might not ordinarily come across in your day to day life back home, which could lead to interesting opportunities, or at least – some really fun stories to share!

Try not to limit yourself to the shelter of the ex-pat crowd. While it’s great to be in a familiar environment, working overseas is a fantastic chance to expand your horizons and go beyond your comfort zones – so make the most of it!