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New Year’s Resolutions for English Language Learners

Image representing a student learning about New Year's resolutions as an English language learner

Deciding on New Year’s Resolutions is a popular tradition in many English-speaking countries. This means that right at the end of the year, you think about the main things you want to change, achieve or start doing in the coming year.

Your New Year’s Resolutions could refer to a particular, one-off achievement, like running a marathon, it could be about developing a positive new habit, like going to the gym three times a week, or it could be about stopping something that’s bad for you, like giving up smoking.

The important things to keep in mind for  whatever resolutions you choose are:

  • Realistic, meaning that you really do have a chance of achieving them and won’t give up straightaway
  • Measurable, meaning that you have a clear way to tell if you’ve succeeded. For example, “eating healthier” is not a good New Year’s Resolution, because it’s vague (not clear). What do you consider to be healthy eating? A better resolution would be something like “eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day.” This is good because you can tell each day if you’re achieved it.

New Year’s Resolutions can be a great way to keep you inspired, focused and on track to improving in an important area of your life.

So, what kind of resolutions can help you when you’re studying English?

As we’ve seen, these should be things you will be able to do with a bit of effort, and that are very clear so you can tell if you are succeeding. Here are some examples to give you some inspiration:

New Year’s Resolutions that are about starting a positive habit:

  • Read one English-language news article every day
  • Join a language exchange website and spend one hour a week practising speaking with a native English speaker
  • Keep a diary in English and write in it at least three times a week
  • Watch one English-language film every week (without turning on the subtitles!)
  • Complete one English-language comprehension exercise every day

New Year’s Resolutions that are about achieving a particular goal:

  • Learn all of the lyrics on Taylor Swift’s Reputation, so you can sing along to the whole album perfectly!
  • Order a meal in a restaurant using only English
  • Read a whole novel in English
  • Score at least a 7 on your IELTS exam
  • Complete a course in conversational English

If you decide to choose a “goal” resolution, remember that you will need to take lots of other small steps to help you get there! That means you’ll need to go back to this on a regular basis, for example every week or month, to see what progress you’ve made so far and what you need to do next to stay on track.

Exactly which resolutions you make will depend on your interests, the areas you need to improve on and your personal reason for learning English.

The important thing is that you find plenty of ways to make this fun and interesting so that you keep up your motivation for the whole of 2018!


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