February 23, 2022

New Location: Toronto, Canada!

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Language school Toronto is central in a friendly neighborhood known as North York. The location offers various different services to suit students of diverse backgrounds.  

General Language: Gain fluency in English, the language that 53 countries consider to be their national dialect 
Business English: This course offers a specialized education focused on the English language in the business field. We offer teaching to further educate on business specific language to ensure you have the tools to be successful in your field of work 
Professional Certificates: We offer introductory professional training courses to familiarize you with the several aspects needed in today's world of transactions 
IELTS Preparation: Ideal for students studying for specific examination levels, ensuring you have all of the tools needed to succeed 
Cambridge Exams: We offer the prestigious Cambridge examinations that are well recognized by universities and businesses worldwide as proof of English language ability 
University Pathways: We can provide you with the means to connect and pursue additional education at one of our 17 university partners across Canada 
Adult Groups: We supply bespoke services to educate individuals from diverse backgrounds including age 

Our location offers many other resources to ensure that you get the best education possible. Our classrooms are fully equipped with up-to-date technology set up in an ultramodern design. The school also offers a multimedia centre, library, and easy direct access to the subway in the building. 

We offer a variety of different housing options ranging from homestays to residency options. The school also organizes regular activities and events in the surrounding community to keep students engaged with their peers as well as locals.  


When it comes to the surrounding area, Toronto is a safe and inviting place where anyone can find inspiration. It is considered a safe cosmopolitan city full of things to experience. The city has a great public transit system that is ranked among the best in the world. The country as a whole is considered one of the most cultural, making it a wonderful place to experience all walks of life. 

Our location is situated next to various cafes, restaurants, and theatres. There are also plenty of spacious parks around the city that are perfect for studying and getting some fresh air. A popular attraction is the beaches where people can go to stay active. Another must see location is the famous Niagara Falls only an hour away! 

Do you have any further questions about Toronto? Let us know in the comments below!