February 23, 2022

New Location: Calgary, Canada!

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This particular study location, based in Calgary, offers various educational services for different student needs. The school for English studies offers a variety of pathways to advance your background.  

General English: Gain confidence in your English reading/writing abilities 
IELTS Preparation: Ideal for students studying for specific examination levels, ensuring you have all of the tools needed to succeed 
University Pathways: We can provide you with the means to connect and pursue additional education at one of our 17 university partners across Canada 

Language school Calgary is open for a minimum of 50 weeks out of the calendar year allowing for flexible education that fits into your needs for scheduling. There are also private education options for an even more personalized experience ensuring you get the one-on-one education you may prefer.  

The schools' modern, spacious classrooms make learning a breeze! They are fully equipped with the latest multimedia materials to further advance the quality of education you will receive. The building is also full of communal areas to utilize when studying as well as to relax and unwind. Another amenity is the student kitchen where pupils are able to brew coffee or enjoy a snack during the day. 

Our friendly and welcoming staff is always available, onsite throughout the day, to assist students in various needs they may have.  

City Life 

Located in the main business district of Calgary, our location is surrounded by vibrant city life and culture. Calgary is ranked as the “most livable city in North America” making it a vibrant and happy place to meet locals as well as connect with fellow students. The city offers a wide variety of restaurant locations, public squares or gathering places, areas for shopping, and cultural venues all throughout the city. This location Is also extremely close to the famous Calgary tower just 5 minutes away!  

Do you have any further questions about Calgary? Let us know in the comments below!