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A Match Made in Heaven

This is a love story between the learning of foreign languages, cultures and places and a young woman from Clermont-Ferrand, France.


Born in the late 80s, Marion grows up with the dream of travelling the world and capturing the most spectacular spots on earth with the art of photography. Today, she gets to do just that. Currently employed as a Communications manager, the eager 28-year-old dedicates her life to the beauty of art, photography, film and music, all of which she writes about on her French blog. There, she gives a voice to the subjects she loves the most. Next year, she will be lending her voice to Eurocentres as our first Ambassador during an English course in San Diego, California.


Your Passion matches our Passion, dear Marion


“I must need to be passionate to feel alive”, she says, and the implication of her statement hits home right away. As an honorary member of a volunteering service she devotes her time to sick children once a week. As for the rest, she invests her love for music and the production of short films into what she can do best: communicating with the world.

Despite being already particularly well-travelled, she claims that some dream destinations are still in line on her bucket list. The most captivating experience so far has been her trip to Australia and the Fiji Islands. There she was overwhelmed by an infinite array of emotions generated by the initial cultural shock, which, however, was soon overcome. This is how one realizes that diversity and similarity will always exist, but that they need not be attributed to a geographic coordinate: “I also take advantage of the diversity of France. There is so much to discover here.”

Marion loves the arts, both at home and during her travels. Armed with a camera and a deep appreciation for the marvels of nature, she takes on the world. Once home she develops her own photographs in her darkroom. As to the written part of her travel diary, she makes sure every aspect of her journey is covered.

“I like to present my travels in the form of a perfect day. The schedule allows me to organise my story and talk about everything, restaurants, visits, museums, clubs. Sometimes a city guide completes the article and I give out all my favourite addresses. When I write articles I go back to my travels to share all the best moments. I like to tell about my encounters, stories, myths and legends of the places I visit.”


When California Dreams Come True


Marion has never been to San Diego, and even though she will have to wait a whole year to embark on her adventure, she has already bought her first travel guide about California and is diligently reading blogs and articles about the States. She will also start a section in English once she returns from her language study stay in San Diego.
We sure are looking forward to all the gems you will be sharing with us next year!




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