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Why learning another language will boost your job opportunities

Image representing students learning about party etiquette in the UK

Think learning another language is only for the travellers of the world? Think again.

Being able to speak and write more than one language is an incredibly useful skill in the contemporary job market – even if you’re not planning to pack your bags and move abroad! Here are 4 reasons that explain why taking the time to brush up your language skills could give your CV a real boost.

  1. Work as a translator

If you’re keen on breaking into the publishing world, then your foreign language skills could really help to open up new doors. Translators continue to be in high demand in both the larger publishing houses and smaller, independent ones – as they try to sell more and more books across the world.

You’ll need to have excellent skills to do this, especially if you’re translating literary texts as it’s vital to get the subtle nuances of the original language.

  1. Specialise in your subject

Science, finance, history, arts… whatever your field is, being able to use more than one language can expand your horizon, and help you to improve your particular speciality. You might want to work in an area of research that has close ties with a particular country, or focus on a specific area.

Being able to speak and write in that country’s native language will help you to get deeper into the subject, and improve your knowledge.

  1. Work independently

If a 9 to 5 office job is not your thing and you love the idea of being an independent, then freelancing with your language skills might be perfect for you. Languages are in high demand – from foreign speakers who need some extra help with their English, to firms who want to market their products and services abroad, and need some help in doing this.

Best of all, you can take on as many projects as you like, and often enjoy the flexibility of choosing your own working hours.

  1. Be a bridge

An incredibly rewarding part of working with a foreign language is being able to build bridges between people who may not otherwise be able to communicate.

This could be useful in many fields – from hospitals and other public services where it’s important to be able to communicate with members of the public in the right way, to helping businesses develop their opportunities by connecting with prospective clients from other countries.