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Learn These 8 Essential Phrases in Any Language Before You Travel

Wherever you go in the world, there are some things that will always stay the same.

Those emergency phrases, where you desperately find yourself wishing you knew a few words of the local language.

Learning a new language isn’t always easy – but if you want a smoother trip, then it’s definitely worth swotting up on some of the basic phrases! No matter where you are going or what language is spoken, it’s always helpful to have these eight common phrases in your arsenal:

  1. Do you speak English?

Even if English is not your native tongue, it’s still one of the most commonly spoken languages around the world. And if you’re counting on someone in a foreign country speaking a more familiar language, then English is a pretty safe bet.

  1. Where can I get a bus/taxi/train?

Learning to use public transport is one of the great joys of travelling. You’ll get a chance to see the landscape up close and personal, test out your language skills and try not to get lost! Knowing how to ask where you can find the most convenient form of transport is a good start.

  1. I need a doctor

This one is absolutely essential! In case of any kind of medical emergencies, you’ll need a doctor, and you really won’t want to waste time trying to find out how to ask for one.

  1. I need the police

Another essential. While travel is incredibly fun, sometimes you can have unpleasant experiences – from getting lost to having possessions stolen, or worse. You’ll need to get to a police station fast if you want practical help.

  1. How much is this? (And some numbers!)

Unseasoned travellers often complain of being ripped off by unscrupulous market vendors and shop owners. In fact, many people are just afraid to ask how much something is – because they don’t know how. This simple question – along with knowledge of basic numbers – will be really useful wherever you go.

  1. My name is… and I’m from…

As well as giving practical help, learning a few basic phrases can also make your travel experience more pleasant too. Start off with this fundamental introduction of yourself – a great starting point to make new friends!

  1. Basic food and drink

This is especially important if you are travelling to a location where the local cuisine is very different to what you are used to. While it’s definitely fun to experiment with new tastes, you might want to learn how to ask for basics as well. Knowing how to ask for items such as milk, water and bread is useful.

  1. Hello, goodbye, please and thank you!

Last but not least – some essential politeness! Being polite and friendly is always a huge travel plus. Even if you don’t know any other phrases, having these four in your repertoire will make your travel experience smoother – because people will always appreciate good manners.