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Language Learning in Love

In some parts of the world February means dark days and cold temperatures, which is the reason why many dream of idyllic beaches and exciting travel itineraries. All of which you can perfectly do while learning a language abroad. And since February also means Valentine’s Day, let us talk about how even language study stays are the perfect opportunity to travel to a beautiful destination with your significant other!


The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

How about a romantic trip for two to the Tuscan city of Florence, where enchanting, historical and productive language lessons await you? Or maybe a surfing Tête-à-Tête on the spectacular Gold Coast of Australia or strolling hand in hand after school under the smoldering Miami sun? Nothing connects two people as much as discovering the world, learning a new language, getting to know foreign cultures and making new experiences together. However, for those who need to get away on their own, rumor has it that traveling alone is also an incomparable adventure. You will not only get to know and love yourself more, but getting to know the selected destination and its people will also allow you to grow and fall in love with the world.


For the Well-Traveled Romantics

Many people might feel insecure about local language barriers when planning their travels. Hence, we argue that the discovery of a new place on earth (that is unknown to us) might indeed go hand in hand with a language course! This guarantees both couples and singles an immediate connection to a group of like-minded people. Moreover, the local language course also enables you to communicate with the locals, which is considered to be the most effective form of language learning. It can even have an amorous side effect, as two examples from our Eurocentres chronicle show: One of our students visited our Eurocentres schools 4 times. During his fourth language course at the Eurocentres school in La Rochelle, France, he met his future wife, with whom he now lives in Brazil. Another student, who chose our school in Bournemouth, England, as the perfect setting to work on her English skills, found true happiness in the classroom:

“It was the best experience of my life. The best thing is that I met the love of my life! Thank you very much!”


One heart and soul – a language course

Leaving home, even if it is for a short while, is never easy, but there are countless reasons why you should dive headfirst into a language learning experience. The reasons literally double if you are joined by your partner. Language learning experiences mean choosing a second home for a specific amount of time and all the memories, adventures and discoveries of your new home will be all the more precious if you share them with someone you love. Nonetheless, language learning adventures enjoyed solo will also provide you with an endless array of unforgettable moments, learnings and personal growth. And…maybe a love interest? Whatever may be your reason to learn a new language abroad, whether in company or alone:

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart”. (Confucius)


Feel like celebrating life or surprising your better half on Valentine’s Day with a language learning experience abroad? Then choose a language course with Eurocentres. 70 years of experience and a multilingual team will help you to find the language school and program that suits you best. By becoming a language student abroad you give an invaluable contribution to the overcoming of national, cultural and social barriers while improving international understanding. Contact us at www.eurocentres.com, +41 44 485 50 40 or at info@eurocentres.com.