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The Top Tips to Make International Travel Easier

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Travelling half way around the world isn’t always easy – language barriers, questionable food and trying to work out the exchange rate in your head can create some tricky obstacles! To make your travel life a little easier, here are a few handy pointers:

1. Plan your tours

If you’re planning to see some of the most exciting sights in your destination, don’t count on simply following the crowd of tourists to lead you there. You’ll have to tackle multiple challenges – from navigating a strange place, to coping with some potentially very different languages. It’s always easier – and often cheaper – to pre-arrange any tours and guides, before you leave home.

2. Have some local cash

You may be used to using plastic everywhere you go at home – from the grocery store to your daily coffee run, but not all places are quite so plastic-friendly. It’s useful to have a reasonable amount of cash to hand, including small change – especially when it comes to buying train and bus tickets.

3. Emergency medicine

You should always travel with health insurance in case of medical emergencies, but there are some scenarios where you don’t quite need a trip to the local Emergency unit, just a little rest and recuperation – along with some well-placed medication. You should always have some basic essentials such as pain killers, anti-diarrheal tablets and an antibiotic, as well as a first aid kit.

4. Maps and guides

While maps will be plentiful when you get there, they will also usually have a hefty mark up. It’s far easier and cheaper to download a map or local street guide on to your phone, or buy a traveller’s guide, before you leave. Not only will these be cheaper – you’ll also often have a lot more choice and be able to find something that suits your travel aims.

5. Check your electronics

It goes without saying that having the right adapter for your electronics adapters is absolutely essential. But you should also do a little more research to make sure that your adapter will work in the specific area you are visiting, especially if there have been changes in plug designs in recent years as older hotels and venues may not have necessarily updated their equipment. When it comes to your phone, make sure you have a data bundle purchased – if you need it – or switch off roaming as soon as you arrive, to prevent an eye-watering phone bill.