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Eurocentres Quiz – win a language stay abroad, Ipads and other prizes!

We are happy to present you the Eurocentres Idioms Quiz on Facebook – discover the meaning of English idioms and win attractive prizes! In our competition you will have a chance to win a Eurocentres language stay in one of our schools worldwide, Ipads and other prizes. The first edition starts on Monday 29th of October 2012. Test your English skills, challenge your friends, get the top position in the ranking and win attractive prizes!

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The Rules

  1. Your goal is to select the correct meaning of the English idiom shown on the screen.
  2. There is only one correct answer
  3. You have no more than 15 seconds to answer each question. The maximum time per game is 3 minutes.
  4. The participant will gain 100 points for every correct answer (+ time bonus) and lose 100 points for the wrong answer.
  5. The quicker the question is answered the higher time bonus is awarded.
  6. The participant has 5 lives and loses one life for a wrong answer. After all lives are lost, the game is over.
  7. The prizes are awarded for the highest positions in the ranking


Editions schedule & Prizes

The prizes are awarded for the users with the highest number of points at the end of  each 14-days long editions. There will be 3 editions in total plus an overall ranking (all 3 editions combined) with seperate prizes. The competition will start on 29th of October and lasts for 6 weeks.

1st Edition – 29.10.2012 – 11.11.2012

2nd Edition – 12.11.2012 – 25.11.2012

3rd Edition – 26.11.2012 – 9.12.2012

Overall ranking – 29.10.2012 – 20.1.2012

Eurocentres Idioms Game Prizes


In Eurocentres Idioms Game prizes are awarded for each edition as well as for winning the overall ranking.

Overall ranking:

1st Prize: A language stay in a chosen Eurocentres’ school worldwide (for the list of destinations visit eurocentres.com) for 2 weeks, including the flight, course and accommodation.

2nd Prize: Ipad 2 16GB

3rd Prize: Ipod Touch 32 GB


Prizes in each edition:

1st Prize: Ipod Touch 32 GB

2nd Prize: Ipod Nano 16 GB

3rd Prize: Ipod nano 16 GB

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In order to participate in the competition you have to read and agree to our Terms of Service (pdf).