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How Working Abroad Can Boost Your Career

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Thinking of spending some time working in another country?

It can be a dream come true for many of us – especially if you love to travel, explore new places and discover unfamiliar cultures!

But for some people, the thought of spending an extended period of time away from ‘regular’ life leaves them a little freaked out. What about advancing your career and getting on the social ladder??

Well, in actual fact – spending some time overseas can be a pretty awesome thing for your career. Read on – and find out why:

You’ll learn a new language

Wherever you go in the world, you’re probably going to be expected at some point to use the local language. Sure – if you’re working in a pretty comfy job targeted at other English speakers, you might not need to use your language skills at work, but you’re still going to go out and about in the local area.

And this skill will be really helpful – even after you’ve come back home.  Employees with language skills are invaluable for businesses – especially if they’re dealing with overseas clients or partners.

You’ll challenge yourself

Working overseas is not going to be plain sailing. More likely than not, you’re going to turn up and find out that things are really different from what you expected.

And that’s totally ok! For a lot of people working overseas, it can be their first time managing things completely by themselves. Throwing yourself in at the deep end by living and working in another country might be tough – but you’ll learn a lot of useful skills and resilience from it.

You’ll gain new skills

Sure, working as a teacher, bartender or waiter in another country might not exactly be your dream job, but you’d be surprised at how many transferable skills you’re going to pick up while you’re doing it!

You’ll learn the all-important art of communication, for starters. Not only does living in a foreign country force you think about what you’re saying very carefully, especially if your language is not too strong – you’ll also need to listen carefully and patiently too, to make sure that you’ve understood what was said. And this art of listening with care – before giving an equally considered response, is invaluable.

You’ll learn a new way of life

For a lot of people, the choice to live and work overseas comes from a deep urge to experience a brand new way of life – to get away from the humdrum monotony of your usual environment, and shake things up a little!

Well, you’ll certainly achieve that! From learning how different cultural attitudes vary and change, to improving your vocabulary and spoken language skills, your complete experience will be about learning to embrace a new way of life.

The end result of all that? You’ll be calm and confident, ready to tackle any situation that you face!

Have you worked overseas? Tell us about it and let us know what you think of it!