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How to Get Ready For Your FCE Exam

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Are you planning to take your FCE exam soon? It’s a great qualification to have and will be a brilliant start to your English studies.

Of course, preparing for an exam can be a pretty stressful time – so what’s the best way to get ready for it? Read on for some practical pointers!

Use flashcards

Flashcards are a brilliant revision aid – you can make as many as you like – and use them wherever you want, too!

This is great if you’re trying to balance your revision time with other studies or work. You can carry flashcards with you to practice on your breaks or during a journey, and to make even better use of your time, you could use themed flashcards that are dedicated to the activity you’re doing.

But they’re also handy at home, by dividing up your tasks into small, manageable chunks. Use different coloured cards to tackle things like vocabulary and grammar – and try to practice at regular intervals.

Find out what to expect

There’s nothing worse than going in for an exam – and realising that you don’t know what to expect!

So one of the most important parts of getting ready for your exam is finding out as much as possible, so that you know what you need to learn.

Look at past papers, and practice questions as much as possible. This will not only show you the topics that you need to prepare for – it will also give you a good idea of the style of the questions themselves. Try to do a few practice questions under timed conditions, so that you get used to working against the clock!

Have regular prompts

Prompts are a great aid to helping you remember phrases and vocabulary. Why not place vocab prompts around your room or home with a note placed on each item?

For added practice, say each word aloud whenever you see a prompt – or you could even try to come up with a sentence or two to describe it.

Movie time

Yes, you can make watching films part of your essential revision time! Watching movies and TV shows, or listening to the radio or podcasts are a great way to improve both your listening and speaking skills.

They’ll help you get more familiar to the speed and rhythm of spoken English, as well as helping you expand your vocabulary. Pay attention to pronunciation of words, and try to repeat them to yourself – this will help you prepare for the spoken part of the test, too.

Don’t follow the same pattern

Having a clearly organised revision schedule is a really great tool – but don’t be too repetitive or inflexible.

In fact, mixing up your daily routine can help you revise more effectively – as you won’t have a chance to get bored or stuck into the same old patterns.

Try doing different topics on various days – and add in something new to keep your exam preparation fresh. Why not spend a few moments listening to some music, read a newspaper, or simply practice speaking out loud?

What are your tried and tested ways of getting ready for the FCE exam? Share them with us!