February 24, 2015

How Learning Languages can Open Up New Opportunities in Your Career

2 minute read

Feeling a bit uninspired or stuck in a rut? Fancy a career change but don’t know what to do? How about learning a new language? Adding extra language skills to your CV can really open up the doorway to new possibilities you might never have imagined! And you might just be surprised about what you could enjoy instead.


Whether you want to progress further in your current role or try something brand new instead, read on and find out why learning a language could be a great option for you.


Enhance your career with an extra skill


If you think you’re ready to progress further in your current career and want to take it to the next level, then demonstrating you’ve got some valuable skills will definitely help you get a head up.

And knowledge of some extra languages is certainly a valuable one to add.  Fancy travelling and seeing the world? Your language skills could mean that you are a great choice to meet with overseas clients and contacts – or even act as a go-between for visiting prospects.

And you’re never too old to learn a new language! Even though it might be a little more difficult, all it takes is some dedicated time and persistence. So why not give yourself a competitive edge?


Explore something completely different


If you’re really craving a major change, then languages can help you to take your career in a completely different direction.

From teaching to translating, there are lots of interesting roles out there that depend upon a good foundation of languages – and they might just be the perfect thing for you.

Choosing a language that is spoken in lots of different countries might also mean you can travel a lot more too – perfect if you want to combine your passion for seeing the world with some practical work too.

Plus, it can make finding local work during your travels easier – if you already speak the language, you’re a fantastic asset to have!


Don’t want to work with languages? There’s still a great opportunity for you


You might love learning languages – but if the thought of teaching or interpreting for others doesn’t appeal, then what use would your language skill be?

As it turns out – it can actually be pretty useful! Not all of the new opportunities you’ll find need you to use your language skills directly – sometimes it can just be a helpful perk to speak a local language, especially if your role requires you to move to another country.

As more and more global firms draw upon international workforces, it’s common enough to find most people at work speaking English.

But if you’re living and working in a foreign country, then it can make life much easier if you speak a little of the local language. And it’s also a great way of widening your social circle as you can meet more new people and have a great chat!