October 15, 2013

Free English Lesson: Phrasal Verbs about Time

1 minute read

Time is an essential part of our lives – in fact, we never seem to have enough of it! That’s why time forms a major part of the English language – and we use it in all sorts of ways to communicate how we deal with everyday activities. Phrasal verbs to do with time are just one of the ways we do this – discover more with our easy list!

 1. Fit in 

Ever feel as if you have to squeeze in as much as possible into your day? You can use this phrasal verb to describe scheduling different activities into the time you have.

E.g. “I’ll try and fit in a doctor’s appointment in between my lectures.”

 2. Hang on

This phrasal verb is used to describe waiting for someone, or giving extra time to do something.

E.g. “Hang on for a few minutes – they’re just on their way here now!”

 3. Run out 

This describes coming to the end of a specific time period, such as the time allocated to a task or deadline.

E.g. “We couldn’t complete the task because we ran out of time to do it all!”

 4. Get on

Phrasal verbs might sound similar – but they can mean completely different things! You can use this phrase to describe moving ahead in time, and not staying fixated with the past.

E.g. “After we broke up, I decided the best way to get on with life was to have a fresh start.”

Quick Practice

Which phrasal verb would you use in the following events?

  1. To describe your ambitions to progress with your career, after a difficult start.
  2. When you only have a few days left to prepare for a big party.
  3. Your friend is impatient to leave the dinner table, but the waiter will soon come.
  4. You have to visit several different people all on one day.

Your turn

Practising using phrasal verbs really is the best way to learn and understand them, so have fun and make up a conversation with a group of people! Try and use each phrase at least once – and discover the different ways you can use them.