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Eurocentres Ambassador: Marion Dagot, San Diego

Here you can read the stories of our very first ambassador, Marion, who is currently learning English at our language school in San Diego:

Chapter 1:

Preparation & Organization

Here I am, the first day of class !
But before I talk about Eurocentres in San Diego, there are some things you should know. You have to prepare your journey.

First step
Let’s talk about the mandatory documents. You must take with you your visa, passport and health insurance. If you take the basic course of 20 lessons you don’t need to apply for a student visa; ESTA (Tourist visa) is enough. Everything OK so far? Right, so reserve your class with Eurocentres, then buy your flight tickets.

Second step
Where will you live? Maybe in a host family or in an apartment?
In my case I’m in a host family, we exchanged emails before I came. We talked about the location, the local transportation, specific food or allergies and obviously the day when I arrived.
By the way you must inquire about the neighborhood in which you are going to live during these few weeks or months.

Third step
Prepare your bag, check the weather. Don’t make the same mistake as me, I took a single sweater while it rained and I was cold for several days.

Fourth step
I recommend that you come a few days before the start of the class because of jetlag. You may be tired and it will be more complicated to understand all the information that Eurocentres gives you on the first day as well as the lessons.

Last but not least, enjoy your trip!

Here you can read her second post. Moreover, you also find all her adventures in visual form on Instagram.