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Eurocentres Ambassador: Marion Dagot, San Diego

Here you can read the stories of our very first ambassador, Marion!

Chapter 4:

Looking back…

6 weeks (after finishing school I stayed on to travel around Cali) is both long and short, especially when you live 4 weeks in a city like San Diego.

When traveling, we visit a lot of places, and despite NOT feeling like the average tourist, we still are tourists…but there is nothing derogatory about that. I found the following definition of tourism that is quite pleasing and fitting:

Tourism = activity of a person who travels for pleasure, visits a region, a country, a continent other than his own, to satisfy his curiosity, his taste for adventure and discovery, his desire to enrich his experience and culture.

Personally, when I visit a city or a country, I like to see as many things as possible during the time I have at my disposal. But this trip to California is different. It is the opposite of what I normally do. I am here to take my time. Enjoy the moment. Take a walk in the city or in a park. Go to class in the morning and chill in the afternoon if I feel like it. I do not visit, I live here. It’s the big difference between traveling and living in one place.

Time flies here, I don’t want to leave …
Yet a few days ago I “graduated”. I said goodbye to my Eurocentre teachers and friends that I met here. I have said goodbye to my host family. I have experienced many strong emotions, I have met fantastic people that I will never forget. This experience with Eurocentres has been exceptional for me. I’m happy and I feel lucky to have experienced this.

After San Diego, I am taking the chance to visit San Francisco, Los Angeles and Nevada. This will be the last step before returning to France and normal life.

Watch Marion’s graduation video


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Dearest Marion, 

It’s been a blast having you as our ambassador and we wish you all the Best for your future! 

Lots of love,