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Eurocentres Ambassador: Marion Dagot, San Diego

Here you can read the stories of our very first ambassador, Marion!

Chapter 3:

A typical day at school (ft. my favourite places in San Diego) 

7:00 am
The alarm clock goes off ! I get ready, have lunch with Beverly, my host mom, who cooks delicious breakfasts and prepare a coffee in a cup to go.

8:08 am
The bus arrives at my stop. I spend half an hour reading a book in English (I work to improve my English all the time).

8:50 am
Beginning of class; we talk about a particular subject, sometimes health subjects, our hobbies, sports or even ecology. Different subjects, always interesting. The teachers always teach us certain expressions, give us grammar exercises and then we work on reading, writing and comprehension.

10:30 am
It’s time to take a break. With my friends, we buy a coffee or a snack somewhere in the vicinity of the school.

12:40 am
End of class, meal with my Eurocentres friends. There is a wide range of options, my favorite places are:

  • Jimbo’s … Naturally! This is the healthy suggestion from my list! Jimbo’s is an organic supermarket that comes with a salad bar. The prices are very affordable, the products are delicious, you can put in everything you want and pay by weight. Simple and healthy, what more can you ask for.
  • Hodad’s, the best burger of the city, the veggie burger is to die for, the burgers are huge and delicious for a good price!
  • Brooklyn Pizzeria, great portions of pizzas, lots of choices (vegetarian or not), fast, cheap and good.
  • Chipotle, Mexican food is everywhere in San Diego. Chipotle is my favorite and you can also find it in other cities. You can choose everything to be put in your burrito or salad.


2 pm
In the afternoons I am free to do what I want. I take the opportunity to visit the corners of San Diego, here are my favorites:

  • Old Town for a return to the American Wild West, welcome to the time of the cowboys.
  • Pacific Beach for chilling and sunbathing on the beach, while enjoying a cookie or ice cream.
  • La Jolla for its beautiful beach in the rocks and for the sea lions.
  • Las Americas for shopping!
  • Balboa Park, beautiful park for walking but also to check out all the wonderful museums.


7 pm
Back home for dinner with Beverly, we discuss our day. We talk a lot, she is retired but continues to work at a small company and she loves to cook. She is happy to have a vegetarian at her table and cooks good balanced meals.

End of the day
I always have some exercises to do, going back to school means also having some homework. I end my day with an episode of a series in English and then go to bed!

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