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Easy Language Tips for a Last Second Summer Getaway

Just booked yourself a new adventure – but feeling a little worried about not knowing the local language?

Don’t stress! Picking up a new language to help you on your travels is far easier than you think – just follow these simple and fun tips below, and you’ll find your holiday is even more enjoyable!

  1. Make your own phrase book

Why not just buy a phrase book at the airport before you head out?

Making your own will actually help you learn some of the language – even if you’re planning to travel very soon.

Think about the kinds of phrases you are likely to need to use most. This will depend on where you are going, and what you’re planning to do. They may be basic questions such as asking for directions or how to order a taxi, or they might be more specific to your trip.

For instance, are you looking forward to hitting the local flea markets? Asking how much something is, and how to bargain for something will be very useful! Or are you planning a sporting adventure? Then you might want to find out how to hire equipment!

  1. Write it down

Writing things down is a great way of helping you to remember essential information – so write down the key phrases and vocabulary you need to know, in a handy notebook.

It’ll also be useful to have your notebook on hand when you’re travelling and need to refer to it!

  1. Use your tech

While going old-school and writing things down is definitely a big help, you can also use plenty of technological solutions to help your language situation!

There are lots of language learning apps around, for specific languages, and for specific skills. Want to improve your spoken skills? Then choose an app where you can listen to someone speak key phrases – this will help you to improve your pronunciation.

Or do you just want to top up your vocab? Dictionary apps are a great way of learning new words and adding to your list!

  1. Keep practicing!

You might not have long to travel, especially if it’s a very last-minute trip, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find time to squeeze in some practice!


Think about your key phrases, and remind yourself to repeat them while you’re doing everyday tasks. This is even better when you can tie them into regular situations, where you can imagine actually needing to use them.

For example, are you trying to remember how to ask for a bus ticket when you’re travelling? Think about what phrase you will use each time you catch a bus or train at home!

You don’t need to practice a lot – but doing it regularly will make a huge difference.

  1. Shop local 

Arrived on holiday? Brilliant! Now it’s time to put things into practice.

You might be tempted to stick to the larger stores, if they’re available, and avoid testing out your language at all, but be brave and try out your new skills a few times!

Even if you make mistakes, people are still very appreciative of your efforts, and will do their best to understand you!

Where are you planning to get away and what languages will you be learning this summer? We’d love to know!