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Discover Cultures with Our Summer Special Courses

Each city has its own unique personality, flavour and culture – something you can only truly experience when you get to immerse yourself in it. And when you’re learning a new language, it’s so much more rewarding to experience the richness of the world behind the words! From the glorious style, creativity and fashion of Paris, to the delicious flavours of Spanish cuisine, the passion of tango and salsa dancing, and the mysteries of the refined traditional Japanese tea ceremony… there really are some amazing and fascinating things to discover from all over the world. That’s why we’re offering some fantastic special courses over the summer – to give you the chance to explore your curiosity and develop your skills in something new. Paired with our language courses, this is a brilliant way to deepen your study, and get a great feel for the culture of the country. Read on to get a taster of how you can discover more about different cultures – and expand your global horizon.

Go behind the seams


For anyone who loves fashion, Paris is the mecca of all things stylish. From the grand designer boutiques that line the Champs Elysees, to the excitement of the twice-yearly Fashion Week madness and the discovery of new trends, Paris really is where it’s at. But what if you want to get a little deeper into the history and magic of fashion? As the home of some of the greatest fashion designers in the world, Paris has a history of great craftsmanship as well as style – and it’s the perfect place to really go “behind the seams” of the whole process of creating an outfit – from coming up with a design and drawing it, to choosing fabrics, cutting and finally sewing the final piece. Want to find out more? Take a look at our 5-week intensive fashion course in Paris – where you can choose between Fashion Design and Fashion Production.

Whet your appetite


Love food? Then learning to cook some of your favourite cuisines is a really delicious way to discover even more mouth-watering flavours, and of course, learn how to recreate them for yourself! Best of all – you don’t need to be a pro in the kitchen to enjoy a cooking course, either! While it’s a great way of improving your practical skills, there is a lot more to discover and learn. You can really begin to explore the world – via your dining plate! Every region in the world has its own unique cuisines, made up of different flavours, foods and styles that are popular in the area, and learning more about these foods is a wonderful way of learning to appreciate the diversity of the world. From the spicy, flavour-packed Paella dishes that are a hallmark of Spanish cuisine, to the fresh and natural flavours of Peruvian dishes and the amazing constellation of Chinese food, trying your hand at making your own versions of these, under the guidance of an expert – is really an experience to savour. Feeling peckish? We have some great cooking courses on around our different schools. Master the art of cooking Paella – right in the heart of Valencia. Discover the heart of the Andes, by learning about traditional Peruvian dishes in Cuzco, or enjoy the rich flavours and history of Chinese and Japanese flavours, in our schools in Beijing and Kanazawa.

Hit the dance floor


For those who love the more exciting and active aspects of global culture, one of the most vibrant and entertaining ways to learn more about them is to get active. And the most enjoyable way to get active? Hitting the dance floor, of course! There are some amazing dance forms from all around the world, and the passionate art forms of flamenco, salsa and tango dancing have to come pretty high up the list. Incredible to watch them performed by the pros – but how much more fun and impressive would it be to be able to show off some of your own moves? Got the dance bug? You can learn some dance steps and get a feel for the great music through some of our special dance-related courses in Valencia, Buenos Aires and Cuzco. Whether you’re a beginner just starting off, or want to advance your skills, these immersive dance lessons are a fabulous way of discovering the hallmarks of another culture.

Get creative


If you love the creative arts like acting, painting, craft and design, learning a new language can open up a wealth of new ideas. So discover some amazing new inspiration, by exploring creativity in some of the most artistic surroundings in the world. Immerse yourself in the beauty and drama of Florence to deepen your acting experience, or take your cue from some of the greatest artistic masters in the historic city’s many museums – and then test your skills in a Drawing and Painting course. Creativity comes in all shapes and forms of course, and technology has made a huge impact on it. Now you don’t have to have a paintbrush to create amazing visual art – web design, multimedia, photography and graphic design are all incredible ways of exploring the imagination. With special courses for different levels available at different locations, you can try out something new and deepen your talents!

Improve your language


Those who are really committed to learning a new language often have a special goal in mind – do you hope to work in another country? Would you like to study at the college of your dreams? Or do you simply want to take your language learning to the next level? Having strong language abilities is essential to do that – and developing a strong foundation of all the basic skills, including reading, writing, speaking and listening can really help. If that sounds like you, then our Special Language courses might be perfect. Offered at multiple locations at our schools around the world, they offer a brilliant way to improve your communication skills, and integrate your learning into life. Are you planning on taking a language course at one of schools this year? Expand your horizons and try out one of these fantastic special courses, to experience something you’ll never forget!

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