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How to Create a Great LinkedIn Profile in English

Image representing students learning how to create a great LinkedIn Profile in English

Are you learning English because you want to get a top job in an English language country? If so, you need to make sure that you present yourself in the best possible way online, too.

LinkedIn is the most popular professional networking website in the world. It’s more and more likely that, when you apply for a job, your potential boss or interviewer will Google your name and, if they do, your LinkedIn profile is probably the first thing they will see.

This means it’s very important to have a completed profile, with plenty of information showing your skills, experience and professionalism – as well as demonstrating your English language skills.

First of all, choose a good, suitable photograph. A headshot of you dressed smartly against a neutral background is usually a good idea. Don’t use a picture that is blurry, which has other people in the background, or where you are too casually dressed.

Next, make sure that you’ve filled in the most important information about your education history and the jobs you’ve had in the past. Don’t just write down the job role and the dates you worked there. Also mention the things you are most proud of from your time there, for example your biggest achievements, the skills you learned, positive feedback you received from clients or managers, projects that you led, responsibilities you were given, or specific ways you made the company better.

There are also sections for your other interests and achievements, including volunteering work and any societies or teams you took part in at university. All of these things create a picture of what kind of person you are and could help you to get a job later on!

Of course, it’s easy for you to say how great you are, but companies will trust people you worked with (and for) in the past. Ask your old managers, clients or colleagues to write short recommendations for your profile, too.  

Remember that companies see lots of LinkedIn profiles and it’s important to make yours stand out. You can now add all different types of media to your profile, including videos and PowerPoint presentations. If you choose things that show your skills and creativity, these can really impress an employer. Also, if you are confident on camera and in your English speaking abilities, a short video can be a great way to demonstrate your language level and your presentation skills. Just make sure the video is well-lit and the audio is clear.

Finally, check everything you have written to make sure there are no mistakes in your spelling or grammar, or little things that you might have missed like full stops and capital letters.

It’s extremely important that everything in your profile is accurate and correctly written, as this suggests that you would also take your work seriously and can be trusted to do a good job. If you have errors in your LinkedIn profile, an employer might interpret this as meaning that you don’t care enough!

Just in case, it’s a good idea to show your finished profile to a native English speaking friend or teacher and ask them to make sure that it flows well and there are no mistakes. Now you’re ready to start looking for a job!

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