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These Celebrities Prove How English Can Transform Your Career

Image representing students learning about how celebrities prove how English can transform one's career

You might have seen those very cheeky adverts for a language school in Croatia that showed a picture of Melania Trump with the words, “Imagine how far you can go with a little bit of English.”

Of course, suggesting that women should learn English just to marry rich and powerful men is pretty insulting, not just to Melania Trump (which is why she sued the language school and made them remove the adverts) but to women generally. However, it is true that learning even a little bit of English can make a huge difference to you career, as these celebrities found out.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Growing up in Austria, “Arnie” always dreamed of becoming a star in the USA – but he really struggled with his English. After winning Mr Universe aged just 19, he moved to America and started taking intensive lessons between bodybuilding training.

Eventually he got his first role in a movie called Hercules, but audiences struggled to understand his accent. It took him many more years of hard work and accent training before he got the lead role in Conan the Barbarian, became famous, and starred in many popular blockbusters such as The Terminator, Predator, Total Recall and True Lies.

But Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ambition didn’t stop there. He became interested in US politics and eventually succeeded in becoming the Governor of California! None of these would have been possible without the hard work he put into improving his English.

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz was born in a small Spanish town near Madrid. She starred in a number of Spanish-language films before she moved to the USA to try and make it in Hollywood, but she found English so difficult to learn that she could only learn the lines she needed for each film role. In fact, after two years in America, she says she could only remember how to say “How are you?” and “Thank you”!

Penelope realised she would have to work a lot harder to improve her English if she wanted to get the best film roles. She kept trying, including by putting herself through English-language TV interviews where she knew she would have to learn from her mistakes, focused on learning using phonetic systems, worked hard for several years – and eventually won an Oscar for her role in the English-language film Vicki Christina Barcelona.

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan was a big star in his native China, but his agent persuaded him that he would have even bigger and better opportunities if he managed to break into Hollywood movies! The problem was that Jackie had never learned any English – and he was already in his 30s.

Proof that you are never too old to learn a new language fluently, Jackie worked incredibly hard on his English language skills and would spend hours watching American films and then playing back the same sentence over and over, repeating the words aloud until he got the pronunciation right. In 1998, he finally got his “big break” in a film called Rush Hour, and has been a well-known Hollywood star ever since.

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