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Where Did the Australian Accent Come From?

Image representing Sydney Opera House in Australia

The official language of Australia is English, but you may have noticed that the Australian accent is very different to any accent you would hear in the United Kingdom. In this blog post, I’ll explain how that happened. Today, many British people are desperate to move to sunny Australia, but in the 18th Century, when …

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Eurocentres Ambassador: Marion Dagot, San Diego

Here you can read the stories of our very first ambassador, Marion, who is currently learning English at our language school in San Diego: Chapter 1: Preparation & Organization Here I am, the first day of class ! But before I talk about Eurocentres in San Diego, there are some things you should know. You …

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5 Reasons Why You should Book an English Course in London

Find out why you should go to London to learn English and where to find the hippest fashion outlets, such as second-hand shops, unique boutiques and trendy stores that will make every Instagram-enthusiast jealous. In 7th- fashion-heaven London is the shopping mecca par excellence. There are countless markets, second-hand shops and small London labels hoarding …

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Struggling to Be Understood? Don’t Take It Personally

A long time ago, I arrived at a tiny guesthouse in a village in the countryside in Peru. The next afternoon, I asked, in Spanish, if the couple who owned the guesthouse knew where I could rent a horse to take on a trek nearby. I had only been learning Spanish for a few months, …

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The Best Pubs in London

Not only are they UK’s largest export hits, they are also a popular place of refuge at any time of the year, day or night: pubs in London. Anyone who has ever set foot in one of these traditional establishments knows that the cosy atmosphere of dark panelled wooden walls, creaking floors, lively voices and …

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What is Mother’s Day and Where Does it Come From?

Image representing a student studying a lesson on tense and aspect

Mother’s Day is a yearly event that is celebrated over much of the English-speaking world (and by some non-English speaking nations), although different countries celebrate it on different days of the year. In the US, this is celebrated in May. In the UK, it is celebrated three weeks before Easter Sunday – which, this year, …

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The Most Popular Markets in London

As one of the most exciting and historic cities in the world, London is always worth a visit. Especially if it is for a language study stay. However, the British capital has a very special magic to offer especially before Christmas, when countless lights and ornaments surround the city. So how about a language study …

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A day from life of a student at Eurocentres Greenwich Eltham.

Are you curious about what students are up to in our Eurocentres language school in London? Here is a brilliant video done by Alejandro Garcia who was a student at Eurocentres London Greenwich Eltham, which shows the daily life of a Eurocentres student. If you would like to discover for yourself how it is to …

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