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Too Busy to Study? Here are 10 Great Ways to Find More Time in Your Day

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The best way to improve your English is to practise a little bit every day. Even 10 or 15 minutes can make a big difference!

The problem is, we’re all so busy. Sometimes it seems too difficult even to find a small amount of spare time to work on your language skills.

Here are 10 top ways to squeeze in an extra 10 minutes every day to practise English. No more excuses!

  1. Put it In Your Diary

If you plan ahead, you will find it much easier to make time to practise. Choose a 10 minute slot, for example during your lunch break, and put it in your diary. If you treat this as seriously as you would any other appointment, you are more likely to make yourself do it.

  1. Have ‘No Facebook’ Time

Be honest with yourself. Do you say you have no time in your day but then waste an hour scrolling through Facebook or Snapchat? Try banning yourself from using social media between certain times of day. Then, if you get bored during these times, spend 10 minutes practising your English instead.

  1. Use Your Commute

Do you take the bus or train to work each morning? That’s the perfect time to practise! Set a goal for what you want to cover in this time and use the opportunity to really concentrate. You can’t do anything else, after all!

  1. Multitask While You Cook

When you’re making dinner, there are plenty of times when you have to leave something in the oven or boiling for 10 minutes. Instead of sitting watching your food cook and getting hungry, why not take a few minutes to learn some new words? Set a timer though, so you don’t accidentally set the kitchen on fire!

  1. Go for a Walk (Or a Run)

Going for a walk or a jog is great exercise – but you can use the time to give your brain a workout too. Download a podcast in English, put in your headphones and you’re all set.

  1. Do It First Thing in the Morning…

Sometimes the best time to learn new things is right after you wake up, before you have had time to get distracted by anything else. Leave your notebook or laptop near your bed when you go to sleep, ready to start a lesson first thing. As soon as your alarm goes off in the morning, pick it up and spend 10 minutes practising before you get out of bed.

  1. … Or Last Thing at Night

If you hate mornings, you might prefer to fit in a little bit of English learning before you fall asleep, instead. Depending on your level of English, you could practise some new vocabulary, relax with an English language film or read a chapter of a book in English before you go to bed.

  1. Automate Boring Tasks

Make a list of all the little things you do during your day, like paying bills, that take just 5 or 10 minutes to do. Could you set some of these up to happen automatically? You’d be surprised how quickly you can create more free time in your day by setting up a few automatic payments or tasks!

  1. Remember that People Are Often Late!

Even if you are extremely organised, there will be times when you have to wait for other people. Perhaps a meeting or an appointment will start late, or a friend will keep you waiting in a café. Instead of getting annoyed, make sure you always have some exercises in English on your phone or in your bag. Then you don’t have to waste your time every time there is a delay.

  1. Sign Up to Language Apps

Language-learning apps are fantastic if you don’t have much time. Often, each level is set up to last just 5 or 10 minutes, and you can stop and start whenever you like. That means you can do a few minutes when you have a chance, without getting all your books out every time.

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