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The Best Pubs in London

Not only are they UK’s largest export hits, they are also a popular place of refuge at any time of the year, day or night: pubs in London. Anyone who has ever set foot in one of these traditional establishments knows that the cosy atmosphere of dark panelled wooden walls, creaking floors, lively voices and pints are a guarantee for fun and – if you go there often enough – a second home.

Nowhere else you will find as many lined up pubs as in London. Travellers will be spoilt for choice. However, no matter which pub you enter, you will always be able to test your English skills and put them into practice. With a friendly “Cheers!” to friends and locals, you will soon be talking English all the while having fun – probably the best way to learn a language (besides through our Eurocentres language courses, of course)! And to inspire you for your next language study stay in London, we have put together four remarkable London pubs for you to enjoy:

The Lamb & Flag

Hidden and not very touristic, The Lamb & Flag is located in a backyard in Covent Garden. The rustic pub, whose history dates back to 1772, used to be the setting to prize boxes and fierce brawls in the 19th century and is rumoured to be Ernest Hemingway’s favourite pub. The fact that mothers are cordially invited each year to enjoy a special lunch with their children on Mother’s Day is proof that things are more peaceful there today.

The Mayflower

A little further out, in the east of Rotherhithe, lies the pub The Mayflower, where the famous sailing ship Mayflower is said to have left with the very first settlers. The pub graces its guests with a rustic, cosy interior and an astonishing view of the Thames. Moreover, guests can purchase American stamps of the early 20th Century.

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

In this bastion of English brewing art, Charles Dickens – and other authors such as Mark Twain and Arthur Conan Doyle – are said to have come and gone (by the way, these are only few of the names with which many pubs boast). Whether an urban legend or not, the traditional pub Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese has survived 15 monarchs and is probably one of the best-known pubs in the British capital. A labyrinth of corridors and stairs leads you to Fleet Street. In this pub, you will be rewarded not only with a cool pint, but also with a lot of images of famous guests.

The French House

In Soho you can find The French House, which, contrary to its name, is a very popular English pub. During WWII, the French resistance under Charles de Gaulle used the building to meet on a regular basis, reason why the pub still has a Gallic touch, which is reflected in the fact that alcohol is served in French measurements. Traditionalists should be pleased about the absence of a television and the ban on phones.


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