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Thinking of Going to a Music Festival in Europe? Here’s What You Need to Know

Music festivals in Europe – they’re kind of a big deal. Ever since the iconic US Woodstock festival in 1969, the thought of getting a lot of people together in one enormous outdoor area, with some of the best bands of the moment performing live… It evokes a really special feeling, right? Festivals captured people’s …

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Get A Closer Look At Eurocentres Schools!

Image representing students The Most Common Spelling Mistakes for English Language Learners

Ever wondered what it would be like to go and study at a Eurocentres school in the UK or Europe? With so many amazing destinations to choose from, it can be hard to pick! But now you can experience a taste of what they’re like, with our incredible new virtual tours. Created with the help …

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Why Are So Many Americans Learning Foreign Languages?

Image representing working abroad

Think that Americans don’t like to travel or learn languages? Think again! Each year, nearly 15 million Americans jet off to visit Europe, and more and more people are embracing learning a new language as part of the experience. So why learn a language at all? Let’s take a closer look at the reasons behind …

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Meet Eurocentres at Study World in Taiwan!

Are you living in Taiwan and interested in learning a new language and immersing yourself in a different culture? Eurocentres can help you! We will have a booth at the Study World Fair in Taiwan in October, where we can explain all the opportunities Eurocentres has to offer. The Study World Fair is one of …

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The eight most useful sentences when you visit Britain

Image representing Christmas traditions being celebrated around the world

Everyone loves going on holiday and there is no denying travel broadens the mind.  If you are going on holiday to an English speaking country the following sentences will help you get the most from your time abroad.   1. What’s the weather forecast?  This is an essential sentence for two reasons.  First of all …

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The ten most difficult words in the English language

Choosing the ten most difficult words in the English language is a difficult task, as different people have different opinions about what the ten most difficult words are.  To help me compile my list I asked the B2 Upper Intermediate class at Eurocentres’ Bournemouth school and we have chosen some good examples.  The biggest problem …

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Eurocentres Quiz – win a language stay abroad, Ipads and other prizes!

We are happy to present you the Eurocentres Idioms Quiz on Facebook – discover the meaning of English idioms and win attractive prizes! In our competition you will have a chance to win a Eurocentres language stay in one of our schools worldwide, Ipads and other prizes. The first edition starts on Monday 29th of …

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