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9 Amazing Cities for English Learners

Newsflash: if you’re looking a perfect English-speaking city to live, work, study or simply visit to help you improve your English, you don’t have to stick to the obvious, expensive!) cities of London, New York, Sydney and so on. Here are 11 amazing locations where English is the main language spoken and which you might not have considered before.

1. Queenstown, New Zealand

This beautiful city in the South Island is a huge tourism hub and one of the best places in the country for adventure sports. From bungee-jumping and jet-boating to skiing and swimming (brrr!) you won’t be short of adrenaline-rush activities to talk about to your new English-speaking friends.  

2. Vancouver, Canada

Sitting between the ocean and the mountains, Vancouver is absolutely beautiful. You’re surrounded by places to go hiking, while the city itself is full of great restaurants, pretty parks and excellent museums. Plus, Canadians are famously friendly, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find English speakers to chat to!

3. Austin, USA

The cultural capital of Texas, Austin is famous for its laidback vibe, music festivals and arts scene. It’s a lot cheaper to visit or live in than New York or San Francisco, it’s hot and sunny nearly all the time, it’s fully of quirky shops and friendly people, and your can feast on delicious Tex-Mex (a blend of Texan and Mexican) food everywhere!

4. Valletta, Malta

The tiny island of Malta is a gorgeous blend of different European, West Asian and North African influences and cultures. The capital, Valletta, is full of winding streets, pretty churches and historic buildings. You get to experience a stunning Mediterranean location and practise your English at the same time!  

5. Bristol, England

London is great, but it’s expensive. Instead, travel a few hours south on the train and stay in the cool university town of Bristol. There’s great nightlife with tons of excellent music, you’re right next to the sweet Georgian town of Bath, and you’re close to Wales… so if you really want to test your English, you can cross into Swansea and see how well you understand the accent!

6. Suva, Fiji

We’re serious: you can combine practising English with a tropical beach holiday! Fiji is one of the best places in the world for beach hopping, diving and relaxing. It’s also an English-speaking country full of warm, friendly people.

7. Singapore

Okay, so Singapore isn’t cheap, but it’s an amazing place to eat your way through lots of different Asian cultures, explore the fascinating areas of Little India and Kampong Glam (the Malay-Arab quarter), check out a bustling arts scene and marvel at the city-state’s famous efficiency… while speaking English the whole time, of course.

8. Edinburgh, Scotland

If you love theatre or comedy, you really have to check out the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at least once in your life. Even if you can’t go in August, Edinburgh is a beautiful city, full of history and culture. Nearby Glasgow has incredible nightlife but much stronger accents, if you’re feeling brave!

9 .Cape Town, South Africa

English definitely isn’t the only language spoken in South Africa, but it’s an official language that more or less everyone can speak! For nervous travellers, Cape Town is a lot safer than Johannesburg, is right on the coast, is lovely and sunny year-round, and is a dream come true for people that love wine!

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