November 22, 2016

7 Great YouTube Channels for English Learners

3 minute read

Videos can be some of the best resources for learning English. You hear how the words are spoken, helping you to improve your pronunciation and your listening skills. At the same time, you can see the words or images related to them on screen, which is perfect if you are a "visual" learner - someone who remembers things better with pictures.

The best videos are also interesting and fun to watch. Plus, they allow you to learn new things in small chunks, which makes the information easier to remember.

YouTube is a very popular, free resource for EFL videos and there are thousands of different channels to choose from. Here are seven of our favourites.

Speak English with MisterDuncan

The thing that makes these videos great is Mister Duncan's personality and sense of humour! He's a very experienced English teacher who loves his job and makes every topic funny and fascinating.

BBC Learning English

The BBC's official EFL channel is a brilliant resource. It has short lessons about all aspects of English grammar and vocabulary, which are suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced level learners.

VOA Learn English

This is a really cool idea from the famous news company Voice of America. Each lesson is like a normal TV news report, but they are presented by trained English teachers and they are slower, with subtitles and simpler language. This means you can learn about interesting topics and get used to watching English language news while improving your English skills at the same time!

Rachel's English

If your priority is pronunciation, this is one of the best places to learn! Rachel trained as a classical singer and she is an expert in showing people how to change the way they move their mouth and tongue to create sounds they are not used to. If you want to speak with a perfect American English accent, watch these videos!

Easy English

This UK channel interviews English speaking people on the street about all different subjects. That means you can hear how everyday English is spoken by real people, outside of the classroom! Each video is around 3-5 minutes long, so they are a quick and easy way to improve your listening skills.

Real English

This is a similar idea to Easy English, but it interviews American people. You can choose to watch the videos with or without subtitles and each one comes with some extra exercises to help you check your understanding and build up new vocabulary, too.

Business English Pod

English used in the workplace or in a business context can be very different to informal English, but it is difficult to practise this by yourself! That's why Business English Pod is so good. It has in-depth videos about all different situations and types of vocabulary that you might need to learn for your job. It's a really amazing channel for business English learners!


What is your favourite YouTube channel for learning English? Is there anyone that you think should be added to this list? Please let us know in the comments section below!