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7 Excellent Podcasts for English Learners

Podcasts are a great resource for improving your listening skills, and they’re really easy to fit into your life. You can download some to listen to, for example, while you’re commuting or travelling, when you’re in the gym or while you make dinner. That means you don’t even have to make extra time to listen to podcasts, so there’s no excuse not to work on improving your English!

There are millions of English-language podcasts to choose from, including podcasts that are designed for English learners. It’s important to choose ones that fit with your interests, so that you don’t get bored, and that are right for your level of English.

Here are some really good podcasts to get you started. We’ve divided them up into podcasts that were created for English learners and podcasts that are in English, which are also beneficial to learners.

Podcasts for English learners:



VoA is a leading news broadcaster, with all kinds of podcasts covering politics, science and technology, arts and culture, health, idioms and American culture – so there’s plenty to choose from! These podcasts are narrated at a slower rate than usual to make it easier for English learners to understand.



In this podcast series, presenter discuss the latest international headlines and important global issues. They give different opinions about the topic and provide important new vocabulary and phrases that you need to know to talk about the subject matter.



This podcast is specifically designed to help you prepare for your IELTS exam. It offers tips and detailed advice to improve your score.



CULIPS creates lots of different podcasts for learners at all levels. There are four main types. The first is called “Close Up” and centres around a few particular characters in different situations. It’s designed to help you learn new words, especially slang and idioms. The second is called “Chatterbox”. In these, you listen to conversations. The third, “Catch Word” focuses on just one word in English, exploring all the different ways you can use it. Finally there are “Curious Questions” episodes, in which the hosts answer questions that have been sent in by listeners.



What’s the best way to learn? When you’re having fun, of course. That’s the aim of this podcast by “Teacher Luke”, who is an English teacher and a stand-up comedian. You learn new words, phrases and grammar through jokes and humour.

Native English-Language Podcasts



This is a very famous podcast series which began as a radio show. Each show has a theme which is explored through four different stories. The hosts are amazing and they always have fascinating topics that really make you think deeply about an idea. Some of the vocabulary is quite sophisticated, pacing is slow enough for advanced English learners to understand. The best thing is that you learn about different cultures and communities as well as improving your English!



You might have watched TED Talks videos before. They are short talks and presentations by experts on a huge range of subjects. Did you know that there are TED Talk podcast episodes, too? With so many to choose from, you will surely be able to find one that interests you.

These are just a few examples. Take some time to search through and sample others until you find a topic and a presentation style that suits you, and get listening!

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