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5 Reasons to Study English in Cambridge

The UK has some of the world’s most famous educational institutions, it’s no doubt! And what’s the first place to pop into your head? Well, if it’s not the hallowed streets of Cambridge, then you definitely need to brush up! So check out our top 5 reasons on what makes Cambridge the perfect place to study English

  1. Dive into its history

Did you know that the University of Cambridge has been around for over 800 years? No wonder that wherever you go, you’ll be bound to run into some historical gem or another. Cambridge is teeming with incredible history all over the city. So jump in and explore!

  1. It’s only the home of one of the greatest minds of history…

Over the past few hundreds of years, Cambridge has probably turned up thousands of super-talented people, who have all changed the world one way or another. But Charles Darwin? He deserves a category all of his own! One of the great things about studying English in Cambridge is you get to visit Darwin’s museum, and learn all about him!

  1. Everyone loves Pooh

If Winnie the Pooh brings back some happy memories, then you’ll love the Pooh-friendly city of Cambridge. See a gem of Pooh history – with a glimpse of the original, hand written manuscript! Or you can join in with some of the fun-filled activities that the city’s Pooh Society regularly set up.

  1. Cheer on the Boat Race

The competitive spirit between old rivals, Oxford and Cambridge, really comes to life during the boat race. Never will you see such passionate supporters out there and it’s an atmosphere you can only dream about. You’ve got to see it to believe it, so why not visit Cambridge and join in the team spirit?

  1. See some incredible sights!

Cambridge is a beautiful city all year round, comes rain or shine. With amazing architecture, ancient colleges and historic churches, Cambridge is a city that’s just waiting to be explored all over. No matter how long you stay, you’re bound to turn up something new with every visit.