October 27, 2021

5 Great Movies to Learn English With

3 minute read

You might not believe it, but it’s very possible to learn English by watching movies! The most important tips are to pick a shorter film so you aren’t overwhelmed, to use English subtitles so you can listen and read new vocabulary at the same time, and to avoid looking up words by using context to find the meaning. 

Here is a list of 5 movies that are great for helping you to learn English!  

  1. The Hunger Games
    Even if you’ve never seen the movies or read the books, you’re probably familiar with the plot of this series.It has a little something for everyone from romance to action to sci-fi, and it will keep you engaged until the very last minute. The actors and actresses also have very clear American accents that are easy to understand.  
  2. The Wizard of Oz
    This movie is a classic! Released in 1939, there is almost no one who hasn’t seen it. Because it’s so well-known, it is a great candidate for helping to develop a better understanding of English. If you already know the plot, it makes it much easier to link the English vocabulary to the words you know. 
  3. Love Actually
    If the previous two movies aren’t your favourite genre, maybe a romantic comedy is more your style!Love Actually is often thought of as a Christmas movie, but since it is set in London, you get to experience an array of English accents from the characters. It looks at eight different stories about love, so there is never a slow moment! 
  4. Forrest Gump
    I’m sure you’ve heard the iconic “run Forrest run!” line from this film!While you watch it, you get to follow the main character through his life and some important historical moments. Forrest Gump is a perfect movie to watch if you’re learning English because the main character speaks very slowly, making it easier to understand.  
  5. Toy Story
    Even though this animated movie is technically considered to be for children, it has comedy and themes geared towards adults, as well. It is fantastic for learning English because the vocabulary is simple and the film itself is lighthearted and fun to watch. It may also remind you of your childhood a bit, which is an added bonus! 


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