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Useful Phrases for Dealing with Your English-Speaking Landlord

When you’re renting a flat or house anywhere in the world, there will be times when things go wrong and you need to call your landlord. If you’re renting somewhere to live in an English-speaking country, that means, of course, that you need to have the conversation in English! At this point, you might realise …

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12 Back-to-School Idioms

If you’re studying English (or studying at an English-language college or university), the first term of the new school year will now have begun! At this time of year, you may also notice how many school-related idioms English speakers use in everyday conversation. Here are 12 of the most popular idioms to do with school …

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7 Excellent Podcasts for English Learners

Podcasts are a great resource for improving your listening skills, and they’re really easy to fit into your life. You can download some to listen to, for example, while you’re commuting or travelling, when you’re in the gym or while you make dinner. That means you don’t even have to make extra time to listen …

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Everything You Need to Know About Freshers’ Week in the UK

It’s September – and that means the end of the summer holidays and the start of term for schools, colleges and universities all over the UK. If you’re about to start your degree course in Britain, you’re probably feeling exciting or nervous (or both!) about studying in a new country and experiencing a new culture. …

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