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What Does Onomatopoeia Mean?

One of the trickiest words you are likely to come across when learning English is onomatopoeia. It’s hard to spell and hard to pronounce… but it has a very simple meaning! First of all, let’s get the pronunciation right: on-oh-mat-oh-pee-ah. Onomatopoeia is when a word sounds like the thing it describes. For example, in English …

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15 Fascinating Facts that Will Make You Love the English Language

English is a very strange language in many ways. It’s made up of lots of bits and pieces from all different countries, cultures and other languages from all over the world. Many of its spellings and grammar rules are confusing. It’s spoken with all kinds of accents and dialects, in the UK and across the …

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13 Tips to Help You Succeed in the IELTS Test

Exam season is here! Are you feeling nervous? Everyone hates exams, but there are some simple things you can do to make the whole thing much less stressful. Here are 20 quick and easy tips… for the long and difficult IELTS exam. Wear comfortable clothes. It sounds like a small thing, but in a 2 …

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