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Where Did the Australian Accent Come From?

Image representing Sydney Opera House in Australia

The official language of Australia is English, but you may have noticed that the Australian accent is very different to any accent you would hear in the United Kingdom. In this blog post, I’ll explain how that happened. Today, many British people are desperate to move to sunny Australia, but in the 18th Century, when …

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3 Other Ways to Say Good Luck in English

Most languages have a way to wish someone good luck – or, in other words, so say you hope that whatever they are about to do is successful. From the French bonne chance!, to the Icelandic it’s gangi þér vel!, to the Khmer samlang laor!, it’s nice to know that wherever you go in the …

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Weird Pronunciation Secrets: Why O and U Sometimes Sound the Same in English

One thing that drives many English language learners crazy is the fact that, sometimes, the same letter in English can be pronounced several different ways, while at other times, two different letters can sound the same! Just look at this famous poem, called The Chaos, which points out some annoying examples like new and sew …

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Eurocentres Ambassador: Marion Dagot, San Diego

Here you can read the stories of our very first ambassador, Marion, who is currently learning English at our language school in San Diego: Chapter 1: Preparation & Organization Here I am, the first day of class ! But before I talk about Eurocentres in San Diego, there are some things you should know. You …

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The Very Silly Reason That Many English Words are Hard to Spell

You may have noticed that a lot of words in English don’t look like they sound. For example, take the word “debt”. You don’t pronounce the b, so why is it there? You might be thinking that there’s a logical reason for this that you’ve never been told. After all, pronunciation changes over time, which …

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5 Reasons Why You should Book an English Course in London

Find out why you should go to London to learn English and where to find the hippest fashion outlets, such as second-hand shops, unique boutiques and trendy stores that will make every Instagram-enthusiast jealous. In 7th- fashion-heaven London is the shopping mecca par excellence. There are countless markets, second-hand shops and small London labels hoarding …

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7 Signs with English Grammar Problems That Will Make You Laugh

Last week we talked about the fact that English grammar can be ambiguous – that it can cause one sentence can have more than one meaning. Sometimes, adding in punctuation like commas and full stops can prevent this from happening. If you don’t, the ambiguity can be very, very funny. Here are seven examples of …

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