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What On Earth Is a Paraprosdokian?

The English language is full of strange features that make it more and more interesting, the more you learn. For example, one thing that makes English a great language for comedy is its flexible grammar. This allows you to change the order of words in a sentence more than in many other languages, and it …

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6 Ways To Stay Motivated When Learning a Language

Getting started on a new language is so exciting. You imagine travelling to a country where it’s spoken, chatting fluently with people you meet along the way, ordering meals in restaurants with no trouble, joking with strangers, reading local newspapers, watching films in the cinema without subtitles, maybe even studying or working in that country. …

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4 Truly TERRIBLE Tips for Language Learners

Image representing students learning what Thanksgiving is all about

When you are starting a new project or setting a new goal, getting advice from other people who have succeeded in the same area is really useful. Unfortunately, plenty of people with no idea what they are talking about will also try to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do! Here are seven things …

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